Ben Ashdown has written a few tunes that have been released on vinyl and CD. You can get them on iTunes too.
He quite enjoyed that so he wants to do some more. As a by-product of that he got some work being a DJ in a few places and as a consequence of that has collected quite a few great records.

If you came here because you like what you heard, either tracks he has made or records he has played, you can contact him through the contact link above.
Ben can play a live set for you, spin some vinyl or even DJ in the digital sense.

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As a performer and as a DJ, Ben plays many different styles and genres and can bring you the party or the culture depending on your taste.

Why not book him for your evening soiree or for your House/Disco/Nu-Disco monster party?

Got a party night on and need a sound engineer? Need the gear? You want it loud, right?
Drop Ben a message, he can hook you up!

Here is a short taste of him playing some tunes: