New Track!

I’ve finished a new track!

Yes indeedy!
So I had to do an assignment for my college course (check out the college at!!)
The assignment was to add the sound effects to a short film.
The film was a fan trailer for a game called “Portal” released by Valve and it is part of the Half-Life 2 pedigree.

I was given a silent video and had to add all the sounds to it such as breathing, foot steps, gunshots and so on. I also included some music to add to the atmosphere and tension of the movie. You can view the movie here:

Anyway, so I thought I would share the music on its own with you.
I have released it under my “Show:Banned” pseudonym as I am saving Ben Ashdown for something a little bit special coming out next year…..
“The Portal” can be found here on and it is a free download!

Hope you like!!

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