“Stem” by B&b

Sean Braithwaite and I (as B&b) wrote “Stem” just over a year ago to contribute to a compilation album intended to raise funds for the victims of the terrorist bombing of the Manchester O2 Arena on 22nd May, 2017. The album was called “From Manchester With Love”.

That album isn’t available any more, so we thought we’d re-release “Stem” on my  label, Micia Recordings, along with remixes by Aardonyx, Showbanned and also an instrumental version.

The original track, “Stem” is a Hip-Hop meets Soul emotive piece as the subject matter demands. Working on this track wasn’t easy, as the emotional aspects really affected me whilst I was producing and mixing the track. I shed many a tear mixing this.
I hope the emotion carries through the music to you. Keep it real,

The remix by Aardonyx is a Dubstep meets Drum and Bass interpretation of the original.
A wonderfully different remix and not what I expected. Really treats the original track with respect and builds it into the wonderful Drum and Bass track it is!

The Showbanned remix, “If Only”, a House remix of the original, would suit the BBQ or Poolside party. It needs to be listened to in the sunshine, probably with a fine wine or IPA beer in hand, although lemonade will probably do!
Feedback from a DJ – “Epic! Would suit the end of my warm-up set when handing over to the dance floor DJ.”

There’s the instrumental version too, just in case you don’t like words and stuff, or you would like to sing along!

Currently available available for pre-order from Bandcamp:

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