Who, What, Where and Why?

I am Ben Ashdown and I am from Manchester: A musician, a producer, an engineer (mixing and mastering) and then finally a DJ/selector based in a studio in North Manchester.

If you are looking for assistance, like the music I make, need help with recording, mixing, producing or arranging, get in touch. I even teach people how to mix and produce, if you want to know more, you know what to do….
If you don’t like what I make, well….its all subjective I suppose.
I do it for the love of music, getting to know great musicians and playing around with machines that make and affect sound.

Projects (old and new) are “Truant”, “Show:Banned” and “B&B”.
Here on Discogs are my releases on vinyl and CD: Discography

Truant was a down tempo project conceived by Jason Boardman and I in 1998. Music created for the post club experience which was released through Paperecordings.
You can purchase our releases though iTunes.

Show:Banned is my remix name.

B&B (me and MC Buzz B) are currently working on a series of EP’s


Here’s a picture of me looning about with a record in front of my face.