This site is intended to inform you of the who, what, where and why of Ben Ashdown Music. This blog is to inform you a little more about me as a person.

I feel somewhat uncomfortable about creating these pages and writing them.
The main reason being because of how many times the phrases “I am this” and “I am that” occur.
It feels so narcissistic! It is like writing a damn CV! I will try to avoid it. However, having a website is, apparently, essential to one’s business these days.

I guess it is a reflection of the times we are living in, in the way that all of us are encouraged to indulge our narcissistic tendencies through social media and to portray ourselves as the exciting and fantastic people or businesses we think others want to perceive us as.
Through our careful editing and sifting of flattering photographs we are able to create and maintain this illusion of grandeur.

No one wants to appear ordinary any more, although everyone is ordinary! Perhaps some of us do create remarkable things, have remarkable thoughts, theories and hypotheses, but underneath it all, our shit still stinks.
Everyone else is doing it? Why shouldn’t I too?
Maybe I should just get over it and splurge in a truly capitalist way:

“What I make is fucking great! Buy my fucking products, fuckers!”

It is more more likely to put you off me if I did that, though eh?
It occurs to me, however, that not every person or business can be the greatest ever and there is a lot of bullshit written about people and their businesses by themselves.
Its a con(fidence) trick.
Appear bigger and better than you are because everyone expects you to. That is marketing.
It is lying.
I reject this. This is my site and I intend to keep it as real as can be.

Thank you for indulging me.